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10 Facts About men’s Oral Health Which You Need to Know About

10 Facts About men’s Oral Health Which You Need to Know About 150 150 admin

Here are 10 facts about men’s oral health which you need to know about.

1. Men miss their dental visits.

Men often miss their dental visits as compared to women. The need to visit a dentist arises when dental treatment is required for some men, otherwise without a tooth ache or a gum problem most men will rarely visit the dentist Care. Others skip the normal routine dental checkup or visit irregularly. Even with symptoms such as a mild tooth ache or very slight bleeding some men will prefer to sit out the symptoms.

2. Are at a higher risk of oral cancer.

Men are more prone to develop oral cancer. This is because the number of men who smoke and or chew tobacco is more as compared to women. The carcinogens in those drugs usually lead to cancer related problems.

3. More dental replacements.

More men often get dental replacements as compared to women. More men are involved in contact sport than women which often leads to tooth loss. Also more elderly men wear dentures than elderly women. Due to poor dental practices, men’s teeth fall off earlier than those of women.

4. Have a low frequency of replacing a toothbrush.

The frequency at which men replace their worn out toothbrushes is lower than that of women. Men will tend to overuse a toothbrush than the required period of 3 months.

5. The number of times men brush.

Many surveys have proven that most women brush more often and thoroughly than men. Most women brush at least twice a day while for men once a day which is mainly in the morning hours before heading out. Also most women floss and use mouth rinse as compared to men.

6. Higher risk of developing other cancers.

Men who have a history of gum disease are at a higher risk of developing certain kinds of cancer such as pancreatic cancer, blood cancer and kidney cancer than those who have kept their teeth and gums healthy.

7. Risk of dry mouth.

Men are at a higher risk of dry mouth. This is because men suffer more heart problems and blood pressure, medications used to treat this complications lead to dry mouth.  Read more How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

8. Greater risk of oral HPV infection

Men are at a higher risk of oral HPV infection. HPV (human papillomavirus) is caused by poor oral health. This virus can lead to oral cancer. Four times as many men as women suffer from oral cancer cause by HPV.

9. More dental complications.

Most surveys done have proven that most men aged between 30 to 90 years of age suffer from gum or periodontal disease as compared to women within the same age bracket.

10. Advanced dental treatments.

Men have a more likelihood of getting advanced oral care. This is because men seem to avoid dental checkups and also practice poor oral care. Without early treatment decayed teeth and bleeding gums required advanced treatment, long term medications and surgeries.

Men don’t come with a good hand on matters related to oral health, however the important thing is to reduce this risks by brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing and going for at least two dental checkups yearly.

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