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10 Causes of Bad Breath and How to Prevent It

10 Causes of Bad Breath and How to Prevent It 150 150 Tony

10 Causes of Bad Breath and How to Prevent It

Having bad breath is embarrassing and perhaps, one of the reasons people avoid you. While we may all have bad breath at times from what we ingest, sometimes, underlying conditions may cause this condition. Instead of shying away, it is essential to seek treatment for bad breath, and lead a happier life. In this article, Vita Dental Spring will share ten causes of bad breath and how to prevent it.

10 Causes of Bad Breath

1.    Foods with Strong Odors

What you eat affects your breath. For example, if you eat chicken, then you will probably feel comfortable talking to your friends afterward. However, foods such as onions, garlic, and alcoholic drinks have strong and unpleasant odors and do not fade immediately. Even after using some mouthwash, or brushing your teeth, the smell may persist until after the foods have entirely passed through your body.

2.    Poor Brushing and Flossing

Your teeth require constant care through daily brushing and flossing, to remove food particles, bacteria, and bad odor. Lack of proper oral care causes lousy breath due to decaying food particles, and bacteria accumulating in the mouth.

3.    Poor Denture and Aligner Care

Removable dental fixtures such as dentures and aligners require proper oral care, just like your natural teeth. They should be brushed to remove any food particles, and eliminate stains, and also soaked from time to time according to your dentist instructions. For more information on proper care for your dentures and aligners, visit Vita Dental Spring today.

4.    Dental Caries

Dental caries, also known as cavities also cause bad breath. The rot caused by bacteria is dangerous for the health of your gums. In addition to having a painful rotting tooth, you may also have additional periodontal diseases that will cause bad breath. If you have a cavity, visit Vita Dental Spring to have it filled before it progresses.

5.    Tongue and Mouth Piercings

Unfortunately, despite how beautiful your piercing may be, it could be the reason for bad breath. Tongue and mouth piercings are a gateway for the growth of bacteria and yeast infections that emit lousy breath. For better oral health, it is advisable to avoid piercings, but if done, proper care should be maintained to ensure that your piercing is not infected.

6.    Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Dry mouth is a medical condition that also causes bad breath. The disease causes a rough cottony feeling when saliva flows. Your saliva is essential to moisturize the mouth and neutralize acids produced by plaque. Dry mouth can be a side effect of salivary gland problems, medications, or even breathing through the mouth.

7.    Medicine

Medicine meant to be helpful, and help you cure illnesses or boost your immunity. Sometimes, the drugs you are taking could dehydrate your mouth leading to dry mouth, and also emit bad smells. If you are on antidepressants, antihistamines, and other medicine, be on the lookout for dry mouth.

8.    Smoking

Smoking, especially cigarettes cause bad breath. On top of having a smoker’s breath, tobacco smoking also causes dry mouth which also increases terrible odor. Smoking is also known to cause periodontal diseases that cause bad breath. It is important to remember that smoking is bad for your oral health, and one should avoid as much as possible.

9.    Congestion or Sinus Problems

Illnesses, especially of the sinus and in the nose can cause bad breath. Congestion of nasal mucus creates a food source for bacteria which in turn causes bad breath. If you have problems with your sinuses, ensure that you brush and frequently floss to prevent bacteria build up. Proper cleaning will also stimulate the flow of saliva which is essential for a healthy mouth.

10.    Acid Reflux

You have probably experienced acid reflux several times in your lifetime. Occasional acid reflux causes stomach acids, intestinal bacteria, and rotten food to enter the mouth. In most cases, a simple mouth rinse is enough to deal with the bad breath and taste left in your mouth. However, sometimes, you may require a mouthwash or professional treatment especially if you develop an infection.

How to Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath can be prevented depending on the cause. The following are ways to ensure that you always have fresh breath.

  • Brush and Floss Properly

Good oral hygiene is essential for fresh breath. Ensure that you brush and floss correctly, at least twice a day to remove food particles, bacteria and get rid of odors caused by what you eat.

  • Use Mouthwash

Brushing and flossing are essential for a healthy mouth. However, mouthwash is also necessary to clean parts of the mouth that your toothbrush cannot reach. Mouthwash also gives you fresh breath, almost instantly.

  • Avoid Foods with Strong Odors

In case you are attending an event later on, or going for an important date, avoid foods that emit strong odors such as garlic because the smell does not fade quickly.

  • Avoid Smoking

Smoking also contributes to bad breath and should be avoided to ensure that you have fresh breath and keep your mouth healthy.