Top 10 Finest Family Dentists That Accept Alternative Payment in Houston
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10 Best Dentists- No Insurance in Houston Texas

10 Best Dentists- No Insurance in Houston Texas 150 150 admin

No insurance cover for your kids? Here are the best ten pediatric dentists in Houston that will accept alternative payment.

When you first think of your first dental appointment, there’s much excitement and anticipation. Your experience at the dental office should exceed your expectations; setting a basis for keeping healthy, beautiful smiles over the course of your lifetime. The experience will determine the future relationship with your dentist.

Your first dental experience will entail these procedures.

  • Dental examination

A thorough oral exam is preliminary to assessing the state of the patient. The pediatric dentist will discuss the results with you, address your concerns, answer any questions and give you further guidance on maintaining a good oral health.

  • Cleaning between hard to reach spots

Your first visit will not be complete without an intense but gentle cleaning. An oral hygienist will remove any plaque or stain build up and give them a good scrub in between the teeth, where the toothbrush barely reaches.

  • Fluoride paste for stronger enamel

Fluoride is excellent at strengthening the enamel for a healthy looking smile. Your dentist will apply a clear film that will settle for about 30 minutes.

  • Digital radiographs

Pictures are helpful visuals that are easy to interpret and will be a reference point for the rest of the treatment.

  • Oral Hygiene Instructions

Little mouths are a big deal; gentle dental care should begin at least by 12 months of age. Home care, instructions, nutritional counseling and guidance on what you might anticipate for your child’s future dental needs is an important first step to good health.

Your child’s dental care is important to your family; teaching them to take responsibility for their oral health is an essential part of this visit. The oral hygienist will patiently show your kid how to brush and floss properly; follow these, and you might just miss out on tooth complications.

Financing your little one’s first dental visit doesn’t have to be a hassle especially if your insurance doesn’t cover the bill. Here are Houston’s finest family dentists that accept alternative payment.

  1. Vita Dental

Comprehensive dental care location is not just about providing the whole service package at one place; it’s about creating a family medical experience that’s top notch. None does it better at providing a family-based experience than Vita Dental.

Vita Dental accepts third party credit arrangements and co-payment options. Furthermore, the upfront cost is quite affordable too.

  1. Houston Pediatric Dental specialists

Thanks to their vast experience in handling pediatric patients, they can recognize early, the possible issues that may arise with developing dentition.

Houston Pediatric Dental Specialists accept payments from major credit cards, as well as upfront cash payments.

  1. Madden Dental

Dr. Karisha Madden is passionate about offering warm and friendly dental services that are family-oriented. If you’re in need of a routine dental check up, a general cleaning or even the more complex restorative procedures such as root canals, this is the right office to check out.

  1. Memorial Family Dental

Dr. Harpavat and her medical staff have extensive training and experience in child development and psychology, creating fun and positive, yet affordable experience for you and your family.

  1. Bill Boyd Family Dentistry

This family-centered dental practice has exceptional and extensive dental care. Financial arrangements are inclusive of most dental insurance programs such as non-managed care and PPO out-of-network.

Alternative payments for dental services are cash, money orders, personal checks and major credit cards. These are receivable at the moment you are seeking dental, medical services.

  1. Family Dental Houston

A one-fits-all approach never works; you can expect personalized care and service that adds to the comfort and quality of dental care. Conservative, state of the art procedures and ultimately beautiful and lasting smiles describe the Family Dental Houston practice.

CareCredit-the credit card equivalent for private health care services, allows you to settle your payments with no upfront costs, annual fees, and no pre-payment penalties. The minimum payments are affordable; it’s worth your consideration.

  1. Summit Dental Centre

Highly trained staff and a friendly and calm environment characterize this dental care facility. Summit Dental Centre not only offers positive dental experiences, but it also has a family friendly atmosphere, with a beautiful play area for kids.

And complimentary gift bags too!

And if you’re worried that your insurance won’t cover the bill, you can pay in cash, any major credit card or through arranged payment schedules.

  1. Texas Dental Centre

Dental treatment using modern technology does not have to translate to expensive family dental care; Texas Dental Center has a way of balancing quality advanced care with cost-effective approaches: Medicaid, cash or payment arrangements that fit your situation.

  1. Memorial Park Dental Spa

Dental costs for a comprehensive dental care package will depend on your family needs. For one year, individual, individual plus spouse, and a family with up to four children pay $400, $700 and $1600 dental assurance covers respectively.

  1. Dentistry of Kingwood

For over forty years now, Dentistry of Kingwood continues to deliver healthy, beautiful smiles to the residents of Harris and Montgomery counties, within a caring environment. New patients get to enjoy $100 off any dental treatment.

With the dental savers-plan, an adult can pay $299, and an additional $99 for the spouse and dependents up to 18years. This package also includes two free exams, x-rays, and cleanings. The practice accepts major credit cards as well.