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10 Bad Dental Habits You Should Change at Once

10 Bad Dental Habits You Should Change at Once 150 150 Tony

10 Bad Dental Habits You Should Change at Once

You might not know it but you may be wrecking your teeth. There are some bad habits, which will do immediate damage to the teeth. However, others bring negative effects to your teeth over time. The result is an overall effect on your dental health. Here are some of the top ten bad dental habits that Vita Dental Spring would discourage. We have seen them have major negative impacts on the dental health of some of the patients that visit us.

Using Your Teeth as A Tool

You might have a habit of using your teeth to open bottles at parties. However, you stand a huge risk of chipping or cracking your tooth. Some of the cracks may be so tiny that they only start to hurt later. This also applies if you have a habit of utilizing your teeth to cut through clothing tags. In general, do not use your teeth as tools for any purpose other than chewing and biting through food.

Crunching Ice

One of the worst dental practices during the summer is ice crunching. During the summer, most people will crunch the ice cubes for a quicker cooling effect. The frozen nature of ice cubes can cause the enamel to crack and develop tiny fissures. Chewing ice cubes can cause problems in existing dental works like crowns and fillings thus causing tooth sensitivity.

Snacking on Sugar

One of the things that you should do this year is to cut back on sugary snacks. The snacks usually have fine sugars that can get between your teeth. Ensure that you try as much as you can to stick to three meals a day. In between meals, sip on water instead of sugary snacks and drinks. With time, this will not just help your teeth but your weight and blood sugar levels too.

Swallowing Water Inside the Swimming Pool

Although swimming is a great way to exercise, you must avoid swallowing any of the pool water. The water contains a lot of chlorine to make it safe for swimming. Chlorinated water turns acidic and can have devastating effects on your enamel if you insist on swallowing the water.

Using A Hard-Bristled Toothbrush

A hard-bristled toothbrush is not going to clean your teeth better. The only thing that you will get is wearing down your enamel. A soft toothbrush is the most effective way to clean teeth. Combined with flossing, it will ensure that you never have any dental issues. When you use a toothbrush more than three months, note that the bristles will start to get hard. Thus, you need to change it.

Flossing with the Wrong Tool

A recent study found that about 7% of Americans floss with strands of hair and about 14% of people floss with safety pins. Others use an assortment of tools including nails and folded paper.

Note that if you utilize anything other than what is recommended by dentists, it will do more harm than good. Your gum tissues could be damaged and it could lead to infections. In some cases, even toothpicks can damage teeth. To avoid this issue, simply wait until you get home or carry floss with you.

Teeth Grinding

When some people are stressed, they tend to grind their teeth. This type of habit, including jaw clenching, will usually have a major impact on dental health. One way to avoid this habit is to reduce the amount of stress in your life. Check what is causing you so much discomfort and try to resolve it. The more you avoid it, the more it will affect your dental health and your mental health.

Nail Biting

It might come as a surprise to you but nail biting is quite detrimental to your teeth. With time, the biting action wears down your front teeth. Besides that, it introduces bacteria into your mouth, which could cause infections. There is also the fact that your nails will look much better if your stop biting down on them. One way to avoid biting nails is to use a bitter varnish, that will keep you off from biting nails.

Chewing Pen Caps and Pencils

Many people tend to chew on the pen cap while at the office or at school. If you do this often, it increases the risk of you chipping your teeth. There is also an increased chance of bacteria in your mouth. For one, you do not know who else has been using the pen. They might have a major mouth infection, which will spread to you if you insist on biting pens and pencils.


Smoking is quite hard to kick. However, you still need to make an effort if you care about your dental health. Quitting smoking will eliminate bad breath, heal your gums, and help you avoid possible mouth cancer.

Engaging in good dental habits may seem like a challenge but as you you practice one day at a time, you can enjoy good healthy teeth and be proud of your smiles. Contact us at Vita Dental Spring and let us help you make changes in your dental lifestyle.